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Simple Food Plating Techniques To Wow Your Dishes

How the food look has a lot to do with your desire to eat it. Whether you are a cafeteria chef or a family cook, plating your dishes is an essential part of your work. Plating a meal is an art that requires your creativity, cleanliness and a good strategy. However, just like any other artistry work, let your plating style be as unique as possible. Additionally, here are some food plating techniques that can help you wow your dishes.

Find the Focal Point

Establishing a focal point in your plating course is vital. At times, you can fill this portion with proteins like grilled steaks or even some scallops. By focusing on the focal aspect, other elements of the dish like sauce, vegetables, and other accompanying meals will stand to supplement the main attraction. Finding the focal point technique can also be used to liven up the appearance of a dish. Similarly, this is an ideal way to align your meal with your nutritional checklist.

Play up the Texture

Notably, the food texture has a unique way of attracting the eyes. To this end, ensure that you keep your dishes visually stimulating. One of the most effective ways to go about this includes paring various contrasting textures together to come up with a fascinating textural contrast, which is contained in every bite.

Use the Right Plate

Many chefs prefer using bright and uncolored plates because they help them to establish grounds for their artwork. As such, keep away the floral designed plates and instead use white square plates. However, this should not limit you to a single color bell. Alternatively, you can also consider mixing colors like red, orange and yellow bell pepper. Additionally, a mint leaf can be used on top of dark dessert to make the dish pop up in a unique way.

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