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Best Food Presentation Ideas

Whether one is cooking for the family or the guests, food presentation should be given due consideration. If a dish is visually appealing, you can be sure that the kids will eat without any fuss. When you are presenting food, you have to pay close attention to the texture, color and also shape. Usually you need to have 2 to 3 colors on a plate to make a dish look appealing. For instance, you can serve steaks with red and yellow bell pepper and sauces to go with steak. Or, make sure that when there is meat or chicken being served, you always serve it with vegetables to give it a more colorful and tasty look.Below are some food presentation ideas

Serving Drinks.

One can even present the drinks aesthetically. For example, so as to garnish the drink, one can use an orange or the lemon peels. Just placing the curled pieces of the peels on the glass rims can do more wonders to your drink appearance. Alternatively, one can cut the slices of kiwi or the star fruits and place them into the glasses to produce some colors.

drinks presentation

Serving Fruit Salad.

One can use pineapples as the serving bowls. This can be accomplished with ease. Take big sized pineapples and cut them into halves. Ensure that before you cut it, you remove all the dead leaves and also trim the top. From all the halves, remove the core. You can easily do this by using a serrated knife. Next, scoop out succulent parts of the pineapples and utilize the scooped out shells for serving the fruit salad. The flesh can be used for something else, so that it does not go for waste.

pineapple plate

Learn To Make tomato Roses And Green Onion Curls To Serving Dishes.

One can even add a sprig of mints to the tomatoes rose to give the appearance of leaves. If you are serving appetizers, then place them in bite sizes on individual decorative spoons. Or, you can serve the appetizers by placing them on a bed of lettuce.

If the main dish has to be eaten with a sauce, then drizzle the sauce in a decorative pattern on the plate and serve the dish.

If you follow the above food presentation ideas you will have guests who will be happy with the food and kids who will eat without any problems.

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