This is a question us caterers always ask ourselves. Is serving a salad necessary? Should I serve a traditional, Cesar or specialty salad? Is a salad to much or can an appetizer take its place. If I serve a salad what type of lettuce will everyone want. Believe it or not this is a dilemma we all face in the catering world and the answer comes down to what kind of event you are dealing with. With that in mind salads have drastically changed over the years.

The amazing edible salad has changed significantly over time from your conventional iceberg lettuce, Roma tomatoes, sliced up cucumbers and dreary stale croutons with ranch dressing. Salads could be clean and light, nonetheless they can decadent and hearty also. No real matter what you’re in the mood for, I guess there are a salad out there somewhere which could meet your craving. Inside the wedding caterers world that is thrilling to visit a variety of selections with salads as their primary programs food. And, from a food enthusiast’s viewpoint, salads are a great way for each and every type of chef to research different flavors and tastes. From a buttery delightful lobster salad served with watercress lettuce, glowing cherry tomatoes and rustic homemade crouton sticks for some sweet balsamic and berry spring mix salad with toasted pine nuts and almonds, salads are more versatile than your traditional chief dish!

Among the huge benefits to eating a salad is of course the fruit and vegetables, however it won’t suggest you merely put vegetables to get into your masterpieces. Also creating do-it-yourself salad dressing is fairly simple and can devote a totally new dimension of flavor. Another “popular” pattern in salads is barbecuing your fixings. Romaine lettuce seems to work best for these varieties of salads, while arugula or spinach are perfect for wilted varieties. Of course you can include flavorful grilled, marinated, or pickled vegetables to almost any type or kind of leafy green to make a scrumptious meal.

Most caterers prepare food well in advance so with salads if you chop your lettuce prematurely it will brown, additionally in case you need it to include other hot items these things should prepared on location. Additionally dressing a salad prior to serving it will give it a brief shelf life, therefore timing is everything. For each one of these reasons catering a meeting with salads shouldn’t automatically be regarded as the cheapest option, but instead an excellent option and addition to your own standard faire!


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