Useful tips for your Wedding Reception

wedding receptionThe 2 main fears of most people about to get married are,  First, you are frightened at the idea that the guests do not have enough to eat! And then your biggest phobia … That they get bored! It’s a wedding, not a funeral! But if there’s too much to eat, dinner will last for ages and people will inevitably be bored! But if we shorten the meal too, people have fun on their stomach but will then call them to order, they will be bored and then leave before the last McDonald’s closes its doors! No panic, we give you some professional tricks -and yeah – that all goes well without the dinner drags!

During a Wedding Party, the atmosphere is usually punctuated by moments so that everything does not appear flat and linear and people become bored -It scares you, huh?. 3 highlights of the dinner are:

-The entry of married: that must be spectacular, the sound of music that makes fishing and want your guests to get up to cheer you. You should certainly not miss this entry because it is she who sets the tone of the rest of the evening. Remember to make a short speech of thanks at this point. Yes it is mandatory! Make you the idea right away!
– The opening of the ball: This is usually a great time for married loneliness that seems to last for hours! In reality, it takes only 3 minutes from the time a sublime song! Rest assured. If you are perfect quiches dance, it is not necessary to embark on a difficult choreography. Be satisfied with a slow waltz or with dad and quickly invite your guests to join you on the track. Follow with a dance half-hour to descend the first part of the meal. Indeed, it generally involves opening the ball after hot dish and before the cheese and dessert.
– The arrival of the dessert: it is symbolic and formal closing dinner to announce the dance. So plan a nice dessert will happen somewhat theatrically on a dynamic music.

 Invite few people!!

It is well known, the more of the world to place at the table and to serve longer will the transition to table and dinner. So we know you want to share this magic moment with the whole world, but we suggest you carefully select your guests and invite only those who are really worth (or those making larger gifts!). In addition, it will reduce the final bill and you better enjoy yourself with people that you really like, rather than a lot of people you only see once every 36 months!





Cheap wedding ideas you need, if you want to feed guests on a Dime!

It is true one of the greatest wedding expenses for a bride may be food for guests. However, there are cheap wedding ideas for brides who are considering which catering to hire for a catered wedding meal. It is popular for brides to have a 2 p.m. wedding, but why not bump the wedding up to 11 a.m. and offer a catered lunch instead of a dinner?

If you want a catered meal for your wedding, you do have options and exercising those can save you money. For example, make the main dishes for your meal be self-service. Guests can serve themselves and you do not have to pay extra to hire a chef to serve guests.

Feed guests cheaply using these four cheap wedding ideas

Offer themed stations – It’s a great time to have a pierogi bar. You can offer guests cheaper food options and keep food costs down. If you have a number of guests, think about which foods would serve the greatest number of guests. Which dishes are filling? Sometimes, cheap wedding ideas simply require brides to do some brainstorming. You can offer a station with comfort foods, such as soup shooters, mac and cheese nests, little BLTs, little sliders, and mini vegan burgers for wedding guests. These are some of the cheap wedding ideas couples can use when planning their wedding. Comfort foods make great options for your themed stations – and they are cheap!

Invite less people – You may not have to make drastic changes to the catered menu if you are willing to feed less people. If you are having a small affair, there is no reason you cannot take advantage of these cheap wedding ideas and save yourself some money.

Scratch the open bar – An open bar can run up wedding costs quickly if couples are not careful. Many wedding venues may insist on a couple using their staff for their wedding. But, couples may be able to offer a few signature cocktails – at a fraction of the costs! You may pay hefty fees for opened bottles and a corking fee. No alcohol will go to waste with any cheap wedding ideas for cocktails and you can play up your wedding theme.

Go easy on the cake – A wedding cake, with its tiers and fondant can be expensive. If you are looking for cheap wedding ideas, why not serve mini ice cream cones with the cake. Then, wedding guests do not need such large slices of cake. Who says you need cake? Have a cookie waiting for each guests and a milk bar or two mini pies per guest. There are ways for couples to save and cheap wedding ideas that will make weddings memorable, if couples opt to skip the cake.